About Us

Hi and thanks for stopping by The Old Tuck Shop. 

One of our fondest childhood memories was going to the sweet shop and getting a mixed bag of our favourite sweets and wow what a treat it was too! We all have our forever favourites and we hope you’ll find yours here with us, if not let us know and we will do our best to try find them!

Here at the old tuck shop we have thought long and hard about what we would like from a monthly box or order and it’s quite simple..good customer service and value for money. So a priority to us is contact throughout the different  stages of your order to a final confirmed postage.

We also thought about packaging and with this in mind we believe in less packaging and more sweets after all that’s what you’ve come here for. We hope you find your favourites here but we are always adding new sweets to our collection so be sure to keep an eye on our newest additions.