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Ice Cream Dips


Per Lollipop Dip

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Ice cream dips are ice cream shaped lollipops with a sherbet dip.

Ingredients: Hard Candy Top: sugar, maltose syrup, water, acid: lactic acid; flavourings, emulsifier: monoglyceryl ester), colours: Orange & Vanilla: E160c, E171, Blue Raspberry & Vanilla: E133, E171, Strawberry & Vanilla: E163, E171 Cherry & Vanilla: E163, E171. Sugar Candies: sugar, dextrose, acid: citric acid; glucose syrup, thickener: gum arabic; flavourings, glazing agents: carnauba wax, shellac; colours: E133, E141, E160a, E163. Recommended: suitable for 3+ years.

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