Welcome to Tuck Points

Tuck Points are our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.

Points are easy to collect and can be redeemed against purchases at checkout or save them up to purchase gifts for that special occasion.

Points can be earnt by:

Purchasing bags of sweets

Registering an account with us

Referring a Friend

How Our points work:

For every £1 spent you will receive 1 point.

By registering an account with us you will receive 5 points.

If you refer a friend and they make a minimum of two purchases, you will receive 5 points or if they subscribe to our monthly box you will also receive an additional 5 points as a one off introduction. 

Once you collect 100 points you will have the option to start redeeming your points against purchases. 100 points equates to a value of £5.00. 

For all customers who register an account with us will also receive exclusive online offers and discount codes.  So sign up now and start saving!